1.- CONCENTRATION: It is very important that when you enter that batting box you feel relaxed, comfortable, focused ready to do the work that your coach transmits to you from “third base.” Arrive at the park with your clear and positive mind. Many, however, when they are “dougout” what they do is waste their time and are not waiting for the launcher to study their weaknesses and the pace of their launch.

2.- BAT SELECTION: Select the Best Wood Bats with which you can handle your “swing” properly. The speed of your bat within the strike zone will determine the length and weight of your bat to use. A very heavy bat will wreak havoc on its mechanics by delaying its “swing”. Something very important and clear is the fact that the speed of you best wood bats is the one that will determine the distance.
3.- GRIP OF THE BAT: An ideal way to grip the bat is supposed to be the base of the fingers. A batter who holds the bat in the wave part of the palm of his hand will slow down his bat. Put your left hand and slide it to the bottom of the bat, your right hand will then settle on the top of your left hand with the middle knuckles aligned.
4.- THE HANDS: The hands are placed on top of the “strike” area in order to have a clear vision of each throw. This helps the batter hit the ball in only one direction. For you to make a good “swing” your elbows should graze the ribs in the “release” bringing the strength of your back leg to the front and hitting the ball freely through your arm extension.
5.- HIPS: Hips should not move very early until you do not see clearly the launch, your “swing” will automatically warn them when to start the movement.
In short, if you want to be a good hitter, I recommend these alternatives: select a the best wood bats, keep your head down and tucked back when you come in the shot, your attention should be on the white point (the ball), make him “swing” only to the “strike”. You can find the best wood bats in Baseball Bat Empire. We have a great selection of wooden bats for all tastes.