The Dye i5 is considered the mother of all paintball masks, meaning that it offers the most features and benefits amongst all paintball masks out there. It also comes with a premium price tag, ranging from $179 to $199 and even more for some special edition masks.

We will quickly introduce you to some of the best features that the mask has to offer.
The most innovative feature of this paintball mask is the strap that goes behind the mask. Unlike ordinary elastic straps that you adjust with loops using your fingers, the Dye i5 has a turn dial like strap adjustment system that you can just turn to adjust tightness or looseness.

When you wear the mask, you will immediately feel how it is different from other masks that pinch into the back of your skull. The Dye i5 on the other hand softly rests on the back of your head, giving you very easy adjustability options even while you are wearing the mask.

Also very impressive with the i5 is the great field of vision. You get almost 300 degrees field of vision which is excellent for a visor type mask. The Dye i5 is often considered the best paintball mask simply because of the quality of lens used. It is a double paned lens that offers protection against scratches, glare, UV and shattering impacts. The Dye i5 is so popular that it is available in almost 20 different colour options.

You can also increase the customization of the Dye i5 by choosing one of about 20 lenses being sold specifically for the i5. Most people who buy the Dye i5 pick up two or even three lenses that they swap out for various scenarios like low light conditions, in the sun or for night time play. The lens change out system on the i5 is incredibly well engineered, taking you just 10 seconds to pull out a lens, insert a new lens and secure it in place.