Do you like Halo? If you have ever played Halo, you will say that the iconic gear that makes a Halo soldier look special is the helmet. Well, the EVS Mask isn’t a helmet but it is pretty much the only mask out in the paintball market that will make you look like you came straight out of Halo world.

It is easily one of the cool paintball masks out there, thanks to the very large surface area of the lens. Looking out of this mask is going to give you a panorama like view that no other paintball mask will give you. Though it only offers 270 degrees of field of view, it can make the view in front of you look more stunning than masks that offer 290 degrees worth of field of view. The design is that brilliant.
The mask costs about $150 at popular sites like Amazon. The lens does a damn good job against fog build up and also offers you UV protection and protection against small scratches and abrasions. The mask is incredibly light and has minimalistic venting on the front of the mask that allows you to communicate with teammates with ease, without strain or without repeating yourself.
Since there is a lot of lens on this mask, we recommend that you buy more than one lens as the chances of getting hit on the lens are high. Have at least 2 additional lenses with you to get the most out of this mask’s field of vision. Lens change out hardly takes you half a minute.
This mask has nice straps at the back. The straps are soft and have silicone beading to ensure longevity and durability. If you want to really go all out with this mask, you can convert it into a smart mask by installing the Recon SNOW 2 HUD into the given slot on this mask. With that installed, you have the power to track live positions, see digital displays of your ammo, battery and even gas capacity if you have all the compatible hardware.