Car racing is all about the grit and power that is delivered by a driver through the vehicle. The vehicle is one of the most important aspects in racing and therefore considerable attention has to be paid towards it. Out of all, the drive train is the most important to analyze here and within it, more specifically, the clutch. A competition clutch is different from the normal ones that are used in general cars. These clutches should have the power that is necessary to keep a racer surging past the competitors and at the same time should not break down midway. There are certain requirements that must be met by them, some of which are detailed in the following section.

• The stress bearing capacity should be more – A racing clutch is meant to bear far more stress than any ordinary clutch in a car because the ambience in a racing can be quite demanding and a racer must maneuver easily ender the extreme of circumstances. Therefore, the load bearing capacity should be such that it can support the racer under any circumstance and should be result-oriented. The best clutches in the business are the ones that are hand assembled so that the exact stress and release can be identified and produced accordingly.
• It should function even at high temperatures – A motorsports clutch is desired such that it can withstand any harsh temperature variation easily. There can be cases in which the temperature in the casing may go abruptly high and a normal clutch may give way but not with these as care is taken while manufacturing them in the most sophisticated way possible. Hence, the components of the clutches of this kind are generally made with the best of tools and equipment that is available.
Clutches that are used in racing are therefore quite different and high-end compared to the ones that are used normally. Anyway, these can also be fitted in any normal vehicle too.