Akula is a very beautiful yachts built by Amels, in 1974. And it is an expedition yacht, it is a model 1974 and was refitted in the year 2008. The Akula flies the UK flag. It is an amazing portable Yacht. It has no fly bridge and no cockpit but it has a helipad. It has an overall length of 193’7” (59.00m) and a LWL 171’11” (53.00m) and a beam of 35’1” (10.69m). It also has a minimum draft of 13’2” (4.00m) and a maximum draft 12’10” (4.00m). It has a cruise speed of 11 knots and a cruise speed range of 6500 Miles, and a maximum speed of 13 knots (14.96013285 mph) and a displacement of 1075 tons (2369969.3165 lbs.) and gross tonnage 865 Tons. The Akula has a water capacity of 10566.88208 Gal (40000 L) and a fuel capacity of 113000 L.

The accommodation totals five cabins and 16 sleeps, a false captain quarters and 19 crew sleeps. The hull material is steel and it was designed by the Dutch naval design. The engine is Deutz, with great 3 engines. Its engine model is BA8M816w, and runs with 576 horsepower. If you are going to buy a yacht whether it’s your first time or you are going for another buy. There are a couple of things that must be considered and it might take a while to make up your mind after your inspections The Akula has amazing features that should be considered for a buy, this yacht is a great pick for expedition.

The Akula Yacht is quite standard and has a very competitive pricing. It is a Yacht that one should go for, if you are trying out an expedition yacht. It is quite strong because it has gone through a refit. It durable supported engines.