Most of the present day houses are either centrally air conditioned or fitted with individual air conditioner in various rooms. If you are very particular about making some of your rooms cooler by installing separate air conditioners in each room, it can become costly. The best thing to do in such cases is to go for wall mounted fans. There can be oscillating as well as non-oscillating wall mounted fans with less fan price depending on your need.

These fans will be useful in trimming down the energy consumption and the electric costs. Such fans with three blades provide optimal operation and longevity. There are some fans, which do not oscillate but have a swing action with facility for easy positioning and two speed pull chains.

Such fans are easy to install and requires bare minimum tools plus a step stool if you are short of height.
It will not take much time also. It is better to go through manufacturer’s manual before trying to install it yourself. To avoid vibration make use of a stud on which you can mount.

Another important type is the tropical –African style fan with wide palm leaf blades. Such fans are commonly used in hotels, restaurants and resorts. But it does not mean that they are not suitable for home use or that their fan price in indiais more. This type of fan when mounted will sway form side to side providing cool breeze to all areas of a room. This will keep you cool and provide a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Such fans come as segments and you will have to assemble them together after purchasing them. The first section is obviously the motor and you can add up to five individual sections depending on the size and design of the wall. They are available in polished brass, antique brass and pewter and their fan price is also reasonable.