When one has a busy schedule at work, constantly traveling and hardly has time for a break, they end up stressed. You can choose to lighten up their mood by becoming naughty. If your lover is always away or it is a long distance relationship, you can choose to surprise them and tell them what you are missing. The eggplant mail will hit the mark and will start a crazy and funny conversation. Getting to learn the right way to send funny messages is important, and allows you to have the right message. Get tosend an eggplant at the right time, in the right size, and have the ideal message. Get the right provider who has skills and has done this for long. You can choose to chat with the customer care to find the ideal message to post, based on the circumstances, or the person you want to surprise or prank.

Send different sizes
You can pass a strong message when you send someone a tiny eggplant, and at the same time, you can send a message by sending the big eggplant. This mainly depends on the sense of humor, or the angle you want to take. Some people can send a tiny eggplant parcel to their former lovers indicting the reason why they separated, or you can send the message of a huge eggplant indicating to your former lover what you are missing. You can send mixed signals based on the size of eggplant you choose. This is funny when one opens the eggplant mail and finds the tiny eggplant. You also need to accompany the eggplant with the message. Several people have scored points by sending someone a huge eggplant. You can also make fun with your friends by sending them funny messages indicated on the different sizes of the eggplant. Get to have unlimited fun by carefully selecting the size, and writing that ideal message before yousend an eggplant.