Hidden Path Entertainment Valve Corporation endeavored to anchor to Counter Strike source onto video game consoles before their expiry, but they found ample scope to convert into a complete game and developed it on prototype of gameplay. It was in March 2010, when development of Global Offensive begun and exposed to public in August 2011. The official version released on August 21, 2012 was launched on all platforms such as Windows, Play station 3, Xbox and OS X, except LINUX.

CSGO upgrades

Finding interest of people in Global Offensive, Valve Corporation made efforts to come up with upgrades. Arm Deal was core CSGO upgrade to the game after first release in August 2013 that added a few cosmetic weapon upgrades, they called them as skins. CSGO skin upgrade was made easily available through in-build game currency that a player can acquire in the gameplay by unboxing cases by making use of in-game keys. Most liked skins are incorporated in the game and the developers of the skin are paid for adding the skin to a case. The skins are component of Global Offensive’s virtual economy like any other game because they make use of in-game currency to acquire them. Since release of Global offensive, unfair accessories have been released through official store which vends antiques and real-life version of these products. Some Valve Corporation collaborations have already endorsed real-life peripherals such as mouse, mouse pads and headsets.

Advantage of CSGO on Steam

Availability of CSGO on steam has an advantage of being a digital distribution and social network platform of Valve Corporation that has been specially designed for gamers on these channels.It is, therefore, very easy to find and support for play with other gamers of the same game and to upgrade csgoskins . You can also make friendly chat with others about what to do in the game or what not to do. This is what an interesting way to play the game.