If you’re delved deep into the world of sexual revamp, chances are that you will be pretty familiar with the term yoni eggs. But if you are new and have not heard the phrase yet, then you might wonder what are yoni eggs? In layman’s terms yoni eggs are made out of valuable stones such as jade, obsidian or amethyst then carved and polished into the shape of an egg which is made for vaginal insertion. Well why would anyone put yoni eggs into their reproductive organs? The answer is simple, yoni eggs have been used since the days of yore by the concubines in increase sexual pleasures and performance. For example it is said if one is to be wearing a yoni egg, it will reduce the chances of vaginal cramps which is a part of the premenstrual syndrome.

When worn, the wearer will often execute kegel exercises to increase their productivity and result. There are many types of yoni eggs but only two are widely commercialised. Namely the drilled and undrilled. The drilled version comes with a hole for the attachments of strings for you to pull out when ever you want while the undrilled version is just a solid rock and can only be taken out when it has done it’s work.

A website under the domain of happyyoni.com sells a wide variety of yoni based equipment’s but the yoni eggs are their best bet of you getting the best sexual pleasure. Two of their hot sellers for the past few months is the rose quartz crystal yoni egg and the tiger eye yoni eggs. The first one made out of rose quartz crystal and the second one made out of tiger eye stone. Each yoni egg cost $30 and available in large and small size. There are also the drilled and not drilled version available for each egg.