In the world of jewellery, the james allen is the leading and largest retailers of the diamond and bridal jewellery. One can easily customize the ring they want. Jame Allen offers the numerous types of diamond (more than 150000) and ring setting to help you find the perfect combo as you desire. The ring setting can be used to add more elegance to the ring. Here are some of the most widely used ring settings which are offered by the James Allen organization.

• Pave
Pave ring setting are mostly used in the jewellery industry, but very fewer people know about it. The pave setting is made of the various small gemstones and diamonds which are made to set closer to give the alluring appearance.

• Tension
The tension setting is different from the other settings. It is specifically manufactured only when it is sold, rather than being first manufactured and then sold. The tension rings work with the spring loading effect, therefore, it cannot be resized easily and resizing them will remove the spring loading effect.

In the addition, it takes a lot of time to resize the tension setting. To resize it, the jeweller needs to melt down the old tension setting and then create a new tension setting with new spring-loaded tension, which is appropriately resized. The tension setting is meticulously calibrated with the specification of the stones it will be holding.

• Vintage
It is made to show the true love, it is ideal for the romantic styles. It brings back the memories of the days which have become past now. Currently, the engagement ring is the sign of the lifetime commitment. It is a perfect gift to be given to a bride.

This is because of the fact that vintage ring offers more than the other rings, therefore it just offers more than the romance and charm, which is uniqueness. This ring is an inexpensive and more romantic piece to give.