Designer mixtape is an organisation that works on the enthusiasm and zest for music lovers. Making up new type of custom mix tape cover and then using it. A beautiful way of expressing one’s passion towards the music. We build different types of mix cover for any purpose as you like. Giving you an overall package and thus delivering you the best music cover.

Giving you, a large variety of cover designs available online. Thus, these designs can be really great in every type of ways. The best designs are made by our professionals. Using the graphic design tools like photoshop, illustrator etc. these software’s help a lot in many ways. These designs can be made realistic to abstract whatever you desire.
People who pursue there dream struggle very hard. They are in a constant dilemma to keep doing something. The music lovers also face the similar circumstances. They have to prove themselves. And so, we design your album cover art. This helps in making things properly and then recreating those arts and effects.
We also provide a proper in detailed explanations on how to make an album cover. People who are new in this market sometimes won’t be able to understand on what and how to do things related to it. We give a perfect guide towards that, a solution to many problems you might face in the near future. Risks and our measurements you should take in order to keep moving forward.
We have done some basic music cover designs and you can see the sample online. There is custom typography if you just want a simple logo and words. Then the simple/ plain background cover. Simplicity can be a great taste. They attract more people. We also do photo editing. Just send us your photo and we will convert it to art.