I didn’t know a lot about Ethereum back in April 2016 once I began mining. I purchased more in March 2017 and, since that time, the cost has removed! I’ve cashed out a wonderful gain, but I’m still holding a substantial amount (and mining longer).

I’ve received a lot of emails asking if it is much better to purchase or mine Ethereum. In this post I will explain how I got involved in Mining Ethereum Windows 10, how I’ve been mining and I will explore if Mining Ethereum Windows 10 is worth considering… or if it is better just to get and hold.

What’s Ethereum?
Ethereum is a level for production of decentralized software running on blockchain, through the usage of intelligent contracts. Clear as mud?! Do not worry, that is a bit too techy for me also.

Just how much does Ethereum price?
When I first began mining, Ethereum price $10-11. It began 2017 in precisely the exact same type of cost, but from the start of March it had been around $17. I bought more at $40-45 with Bitcoin gains and from 1st April the price hit $50. On 1st May it had been 78, 1st June was 220 and 1st July was $260.

The maximum price reached was 388 during June and that I had been lucky to market around $100,000 value at $370-380. It is quite hard to time the cap of the current market, but I was not far off with this one! It was not that I needed out, far out of it. I still hold nearly all my own ETH and I intend to for quite a while. But, I did need to make sure a return on my investment and then eliminate all danger going forward. My staying Ethereum has cost me nothing.