It is very possible to build a complete house with recycled sawn timber (Saematerjal).This is what many people now do, because they cannot afford the cost of buying a new wooden surface. Most people that buy recycled wooden materials are not necessarily poor but they know what they can gain from buying it, because it serves, in some cases greater purposes. This is mostly true for very hard wood that have gained more resistance over time. Using wood to build makes one build a more comfortable and green environment. Some other uses of recycled wooden surfaces are that they are used in the production of wood fillers.

Some people create landfills from used or recycled floorboard (põrandalaud). It might be surprising to know that some people do not know the sources of wood, or how they are gotten. Some are gotten from sustainable wood; these kinds of wood usually bear a stamp that source the source of the organization that has cut it. In some cases, it is always a non-profit organization. These organizations are responsible for how the forest or felling of trees is managed. Another source of wood used for floorboard (põrandalaud) is reclaimed sawn timber (saematerjal). This kind of wood is usually seasoned thoroughly. They also look very much appealing than the other kinds of wood cut from the forest.

There are some problems associated with wood that have been bought by people; this problem usually comes up because some people did not check very well when they were buying. This is true for any kind of product, not just wooden product. If you also want to get lining board (voodrilaud), it is good that you check it very sure, it ensure that it is well aligned. For softwood, many of them have poor finishes because precautions were not taken while purchasing them.