Online solitaire is the future of card games. From being a game installed on the Microsoft desktops by default, it is now a legendary game with a huge fan following. To think, that the original purpose of the Microsoft Klondike game was to encourage users to familiarize them with the right and left clicks of the mouse!

Play solitaire
And why?
• Make constructive use of your free time.
• Realize that classic games involving a king and queen don’t always have to be chess.
• Be a part of the solitaire club and enjoy participating in World Championships.
What is so special about online solitaire?
Since Microsoft does not come with a preinstalled solitaire game anymore, you have to download it. And why download it on the desktop, when you are spending most of your time, alone and on the Internet.
Play it on the World Wide Web for free! Free! Free!
Now the online solitaire game is serious. And it does not have a joker.
Bad joke? No, not the game.
Your online Klondike is dominated entirely by bearded kings and pretty queens with their hearts and spades and diamonds. The cards are all collected in columns of varying size. They are lined up in an angular format in the play area.
Move your eyes on the leftmost stack, and you will find a lone card. In the second stack, there are 2, while in the third there is 3…Get the drift? Ever heard of the arithmetic progression? Simple!
Aim of this game
Clear the playing board. And how? Just transfer all cards from the columns to the foundations, in a downward manner from the Ace to the King.
How to play?
1. Utilize the left and right buttons of your mouse.
2. Click on the Aces and use the right click to transfer the card to the foundation.
3. Keep doing this till you have collected a stack of cards on the foundation from 2 to King.
4. Think now! If you have the chance to move a card, then move it or move a group of cards between the columns by a left click.
5. The cards should be collected in descending order (like 4 below 5)
6. Also, alternate the colors (like a red-black below a dark black 5)
7. Encountered a blank space? Then shift the column. No king? Then don’t!
8. If you are done with the moves, then return to the deck of cards by a left click. You can continue like this by shifting the corner card from the stack to the foundation.
9. Unlimited playtime by an unlimited number of flips of the deck.
On a parting note, classic solitairehas no simple rules to adhere to. It depends on your expertise. The free version has easy, normal and hard levels that you can play and increase your experience. This is truly a patient card game that tests your patience. Good luck! click here to get more information free online solitaire.