While there are so many iptv providers in the market, still there could still be so many doubt that a significant part of society may not know, this article provides answers to such Frequently asked questions so that you can enjoy streaming your favorite HD football show, without any interruption. Some of the questions are:

How can one add IPTV service on enigma two devices with EPG?
For using IPTV service, one needs to download and install free software called putty. After installing the software, you have to type the IP address in the HOST name. You have to make sure you chose telnet. Then you have to select open, doing so will open a black box asking you for login name and you need to type in root and hit enter. If it asks you for a password, try ‘dream box,’ if it does not work then contact the person who set up your enigma2 dream box vu+ for the password, because he is the person who created a password.
Then you have to copy some URL, after which you have to enter sub link which can be obtained from your client area or welcome email. Then to enable EPG data, you have to open EPG importer plug-in. After that, you have to select sources and allow the IPTV source. You can even change the username and password before one past putty. After this, you will be able to see all your channel and categories, in order with your entire EPG showing

Another question that people usually ask is how to add portal on MAG devices?
Once you purchase your IPTV package, you will receive a welcome email with a URL link. After that, you have to go to setting/ system setting now and set “server and portal” on your MAG devices. After that, you have to change ‘’portal URL 1’ to the new portal by clicking on the KB button, after that, you have to change the adderss.
After that you have to click on the kb button again and click OK, this will save your portal URL successfully, doing so you will land up on the previous screen. After that go to reload portal and click ok when prompted.
Now you have all the channels including your live sports, movies and TV shows.