In the homes people may have different things purchased for their consumption purposes. To lead a good standard full life the consumption is well taken care of. Instead of savings at every time there is a purchase of something or the others so that the consumption may be satisfied. Things that can be managed otherwise are also purchased, and things that are used only ones are stored in the store rooms of the houses. Be it the thing that is used daily for instance a broomstick or a mixer grinder, or may it be the commodity that can be used not many times in a week considering the cleaners or the heaters, everything needs to be stored at somewhere in the house. Once these products are purchased, no wise man would ever want to let the things get destroyed on account of so their seclusion. Therefore, the store rooms in the homes are built to support the storage requirements of the occupants.

It is the cricket kit that requires a lot of space and needs to be stored in a safe place. Making it to stand in a corner of the room means that it may not be well taken care of. The cricket kit cannot be stored inside the store room for it is required in daily purposes, and opening the store rooms every now and then is also not convenient. Thinking of a bureau is insanity of course. And hence there is the only option of the doctors closet that is left where the cricket kit has to be stored. The doctors closet provides an easy storage option for the owner of the house where he can store the things he wants to store with ease and convenience, where the extraction of the things is also pretty much comfortable.