Today herbal remedies have become popular choice among people who often take self-medication on the basis of catalogs, visiting health food stores and by searching in internet sites.

Sale of herbal remedies increased in the past few decades. But to use home remedies can be chance and also a risk. Those who regularly take prescribed medicines should ask their doctor before they take herbs or vitamins. Even those who are not on any medication still using herbs can also be risk, so always consult with an expert before turns to home remedies. natural wonders is a book that informs people the danger part of prescribed drugs against home remedies. Home remedies are made of extracts of minerals and plants that accounts to fastest growth. An herb work for stimulating self-healing power of the body and removes all the underlying reason behind illness. Also they nourish and tones all the system and organs of the body from internally without giving any side effects.
But no natural or herbal treatment or remedy is labeled or advertised as cure. If in case of cancer someone who takes herbal supplements and 90% of them has become free from disease, still it cannot be labeled as cure or treatment for cancer. Beside if a synthetic medicine created in lab that can kill people adversely than curing is going to be seen in ads and all. This is the way public interest is being protected from those herbs that results in 50 deaths in a year 1,06,000 deaths from properly described medicines that are labeled and advertised to cure and as treatment. Even they do not mention those 20,00,000 people who are serious from drug reaction of prescribed medicines. Herbal treatment can do wonders even prevent it.