In the nineties it had been piled baths and granite counter tops which became a requirement and defining characteristic for all luxury homes in the marketplace. Within this decade we’re seeing an identical growing demand for home automation, because the technology gets more elegant and attractive for upscale pc savvy home buyers. A number of the most recent must-have attributes in these systems permit the homeowner to look at his security cameras on the web, and to call his home away from the road to turn on his Jacuzzi, turn off lights or arm the security system.

However, for the bespoke home builders, home automation presents two issues. To begin with, most contractors don’t have the technical training to design and application these systems that are hi-tech. And errors within this discipline are costly; home automation systems begin at $5,000 and grow to more than a $1,000,000. Second, in the event the builder turns into a local trader who supplies the entire package of service – from custom design and programming, to sales and setup, he’ll lose out on considerable gains for all these large sells up.

The 3 choices open to contractors interested in supplying home automation methods will be as follows:
1. Use a neighborhood home automation installer to deal with the whole job.
2. Utilize a different home automation consultant who supplies just the machine layout and/or programming.
3. Utilize an outfit that offers the layout, programming and equipment also provides education about the best way best to set up the system you.
We’ve already mentioned the very first option above. Even though a local trader delivers the builder reassurance with an entire design-to-installation bundle including performance warrantees, the large price tag leaves very little room for any extra markup to the customer.

The second choice of a consultant permits the bespoke home builders to achieve maximum benefit from his home automation program. The drawback is that the builder must coordinate buying all of the customized components for the machine from another outfit than the firm who designs it for him, with very little assurance that the app will do the job.