You are planning to go for surfing and you may or may not be a first-time surfer, but paddle board is always your prime consideration. Stand up surfing is what most people like to do for which there is an ample variety of paddle boards in the market and many online sellers offer stand up paddle boards for sale, but your prime consideration should be to look for the best quality for longer use. The choice is yours whether your intent is for hard-shell model or inflatable model. You have to decide according to your need. It is not possible to say which one good or bad, although inflatable paddle board is the preference of many surfing lovers these days.

Pros and cons of inflatable model
Before you proceed to buy inflatable stand up paddle board, it is necessary to consider pros and cons of using this model. The foremost advantage of using this paddle board is that it is convenient to transport. Obviously, you will use it in the waterbody away from your home and transportation is the main concern. You can conveniently carry it in your vehicle or public transport. Thus, it is good for traveling.

It is more stable than a hard-shell board. It provides a softer surface to cushion your fall which is usual occurrence in stand-up surfing. You can deflate it when not in use and store it at any place. It provides the best stability for river paddling and lake hiking by handling bumps due to logs or rocks. Some people find their dog to sit with them on the paddle, but hard-shell paddle board is not convenient for this purpose. However, inflatable models are bit costlier and may be bit slower than the fiberglass models.
The overweighing of its pros over cons is sufficient to depict that inflatable SUP is as good as the hard-shell paddle boards.