Have you ever heard of inositol? The odds are slim, but more people should be speaking about this natural chemical found in legumes, nuts and grains. myo inositol is a part of the vitamin B family and is required by the body for proper cell function. Even though most people haven’t heard of inositol, it might be popping up more in health articles later on.

Studies have found that myo inositol can be great for stress, melancholy, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and anxiety attacks. It’s also being analyzed to help cure infertility, balance and normalize glucose levels, and reduce cholesterol. A current research is even discovering it to be useful in preventing lung cancer.

The lung-cancer analysis was held in Vancouver from Dr. Stephen Lam and his staff in the B.C. Cancer Agency. The research was a preliminary research that included ex-smokers; the ex-smokers were selected because they’d pre-cancerous modifications in their bronchial tubes called acute dysplasia. The analysis found that within a few weeks on 18 grams of inositol every day, the patients showed less pre-cancerous growths than before.

Clearly, this natural chemical needs to be getting more media coverage. The positive effects of inositol are too numerous to record and throughout the lung cancer research the chemical was discovered to cause very few side effects, even when administered in massive doses.

The Vancouver researchers think that inositol might well help prevent lung cancer, and are planning to do more research to learn. They consider that their future research will demonstrate that inositol can happen already present pre-cancerous cells, which might be a massive step in helping prevent cancer.

In the meantime, you can buy inositol supplements online or in the regional health food shop, or consume lots of beans, grains, and nuts to get the naturally occurring inositol which you require for proper cell function.