Technology advances every day, improving products and services to make life easier for people, both customers, and business people, Amico is committed to innovation and make life easier for its customers, this company has become in a leader in offering facebook messenger bot, and now these have become a trend, a trend that entrepreneurs have wanted to join, because it undoubtedly facilitates customer service management of their companies, they are fast and low cost.

Amico through its automatic configuration allows you to create a chatbot in a fast and simple way, Amico will do all the hard work of your company satisfying the needs of its customers through its tools, this chatbot functionality is specifically employed through Facebook Messenger bot, Facebook chatbot is shown as programs that have artificial intelligence capable of interacting with people, Amico joins this incredible proposal so that their clients using the chatbot online see themselves benefited in terms of the automation of their companies’ processes, they also have the option of new advertising possibilities, advertising by this means is undoubtedly much more effective since it is done through digital communication, an interactive experience that will be quick and effective and that will considerably reduce costs since it is not necessary to create an application that has to be updated and what will occupy space in the memory of a phone.
Amico is a powerful chatbot maker that with just one click manages to work in seconds, without a doubt this is a tool that is aimed at companies and that in turn benefits the users of them.
• Streamlining processes: chatbots offer automatic responses to users.
• Low cost: It is not the same to have a staff of people that many small companies cannot afford.
• Know the customer objectively: The chatbots are trained thanks to the information that users share with them