So, you have finally found a way to avoid tobacco, yet enjoy the peace of smoking, or you liked how an electronic cigarette tastes but you are held back by the costs of the starter pack and the initial prices are holding you back from enjoying what you want to? Worry no more. For this very purpose, yet another modification of ecigs have been created, namely, disposable electronic cigarette. Need an explanation for what that actually is? You really do? Very well then.

Just as the name suggests, a disposable electronic cigarette is a type of ecig that can be disposed of once you have smoked it, just like an ordinary traditional cigarette. And quite obviously, the price is also lower than normal ecigs. Take a whiff, and throw it away just like you were habituated to some time ago!

Some of these also come with a lot of variations, in flavour and longevity. An average ecig lasts for 300 puffs. That’s equal to 2 packets of n ordinary cigarette. Since the price is low, this gives you an opportunity to try out all the different brands out there. Or, if you went out to a trip and forgot to take your equipment with you, you won’t hesitate to buy one of these because of the price.

Also, something that needs to be mentioned is that although these are disposable, they don’t necessarily differ in the effect it has on you. Meaning that a disposable ecig will do the same damage to your health just as a normal electronic cigarette would. This might have been pretty obvious from the start, but it was worth a mention.

The disadvantage of disposables is using them as your one and only ecig can cost as much as normal smoking, You’re sometimes limited to same flavours as ordinary cigarettes (tobacco & menthol) since most companies don’t take too much trouble to go through experimenting with tastes, and you aren’t able to recharge your ecig or refill it with more of ejuice (the substance that produces the vapour and contains nicotine inside of it). But for all those of you who are just starting to dip your toes in the new world of ecigs or you just want to give something new a try, you are most welcome to do so. Trying something has never hurt someone you now.

Just like normal electronic cigarettes, disposable ecigs can be found in any of the renowned online shopping websites or in local retail shops in the United States. So if you are caught in 2 minds on what to do, buying a disposable electronic cigarette is recommended. Give it a shot and if it suits your needs……buy more of it! click here to get more information vape.