The popular game Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go is a mobile friendly game. This game was actually introduced a few years back. However, the game became popular only a few months back. Initially the game was made only for the United States of America. However, as time passed, this game spread all over the world. Currently people from many parts of the world are addicted with this game. According to multiple surveys conducted in different parts and places of the world, this game is the most popular game to have been made in the history.

The popularity and craziness for the game Pokemon Go
• As you have already read in the previous paragraph that Pokemon Go is considered to be the most popular game according to multiple surveys being performed in many places.
• The craziness of this game is so much that many people actually travel from one city to another just to catch Pokémon’s.
• Few also travel internationally only to catch Pokémon’s. Thus you can understand the level of popularity that this game has reached which makes people travel across cities and countries to catch Pokémon’s.
• Many people also perform different Pokemon Go cheat techniques in order to reach higher levels in the game. Many also got disqualified for the same thing.

Pokemon Go popularity everywhere
It has been mentioned quite a few times already in this article that the game Go is now popular all over the world. There have many hacks which have been introduced so as to make this game a little easy than is usually is. If you are a diehard fan of the game, then you must most definitely go and try the Pokémon go hack and tricks introduced to make the game easier. click here to get more information pokemon go accounts.