The self-adhesive film (selbstklebefolie) is the other name of the self-adhesive plastic sheet, which has an adhesive layer on one side. This is used for decoration and surface coating. It comes in different textual variety, which is very smooth and shiny. Veneer is the cheap alternative to this film. For saving the sheet from adhering prematurely, the paper release liner is used to sell the sheet.

Self-adhesive film for children’s projects
• The plastic sheet, which has an adhesive layer on one side, surface coating, and decoration, is the basic purpose.
• Veneer usually refers to a slice of wood which is very thin and glued to core panels. It prepares panels for doors, tops, and panels for cabinets. The plywood is glued to each other. In previous days the interiors are different.
• Now it is back. In kitchen self-adhesive film is used to cover kitchen worktops, splashbacks, doors are also painted with colors and pattern. Then it is given a monochrome marble effect.
• Adhesive sheets are used to cover the floors of studio, to give a shiny floor show.

Self-adhesive items
• The self-adhesive stamps are having a removable backing paper so the stamp can be pasted by removing that paper. As good as self adhesive films.
• On 1997 first self-adhesive stamp has been introduced. Die to cut is done to make it more fanciful. These stamps can’t be removed by water, can only be removed by Bestine, and Benzene.
• It is also important, how to use the best adhesive film.
Use of adhesive film
First of all, prepare the surface. That is very important where to place the self-adhesive film. It may be a door, a wardrobe, a table. If the surface is old, plastering and painting are to be done before pasting.