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Know About Carrageenan Side Effects

The specie of carrageenan is found in deep oceans. They have definite properties for their survival. Carrageenan specie is extracted from red seaweeds. Carrageenan has three types. This specie has irregular hairy like structure. The different pigments in this specie exhibit different colors to the specie. These few properties give the answer to question that what is carrageenan.

This specie is exported from deep oceans to its relevant markets. Market then distributes it worldwide. Then this specie is brought to the industries and then the specie is converted into a useful product. Industries use this product in manufacturing of many other useful products. The properties of carrageenan make it unique then other products. This product is also used by chemists because of their stabilizing property. The researchers are doing a great and advance work in order to make this product more useful and less harmful.
Carrageenan has now been used in many food products. Because of is gelatin form it act as a stabilizer to the whole food product. It also provides the shape to the whole food product. Everything in a certain limit is acceptable by human body but when we exceed something to our body it cause real problems to health. Similarly, carrageenan in a certain amount is beneficial but excess amount of carrageenan in any food product causes carrageenan side effects. These side effects cause many health issues like weakening of immune system, inflammation and diseases like nervous disorders. All are result because of excessive amount carrageenan.
Carrageenan cancer is also a disease caused due excessive use of carrageenan. Experts also criticize the nutritional value of this product. The nutrition of carrageenan is almost zero according to nutritionist. So they usually recommend avoiding food products, which include carrageenan in them. These all points give the answer to question that is carrageenan bad?

Carrageenan in Your Dog’s Food Home

Carrageenan is a natural source additive used in several human foods, in addition to pet foods. Carrageenan has been discovered to be indigestible and with no nutrient value. It’s frequently used in pet foods or moist dog foods to meet, thicken, and emulsify. carrageenan has been proven to cause a large number of issues, leaving some to wonder why it’s still allowed in our meals and the meals we provide to our puppies. Gastrointestinal Inflammation Carrageenan was proven to irritate digestive tissues in humans in addition to dogs. Gastric inflammation is a frequent response for dogs that consume foods using carrageenan in an additive.

Dog food makers often assert the quality of carrageenan is perfectly secure for pet foods in addition to foods that are human. Many high-end manufacturers nevertheless consist of carrageenan in their meals. In studies with laboratory animals, carrageenan was known to cause gastrointestinal damage, inflammation, ulcers, lesions, and colon cancer. Carcinogen remembering that carrageenan additionally triggers inflammation, scientists has linked this sort of chronic inflammation into other ailments like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. For the dog, that may possibly mean carrageenan might be a root cause of cancers that form within time, cardiovascular disease, and even dementia.

Your pet could go for a long time with undiagnosed inflammation for a symptom with no diagnosis or a cause. In laboratory studies, carrageenan is a known carcinogen. Reduced Immunity Together with the unwanted effects of inflammation and possible response for a carcinogen, carrageenan is also famous for reducing immunity levels in the body. Studies indicate that if carrageenan is introduced into your system, the human body responds with an immune reaction, combating it as a harmful chemical. This reaction contributes to inflammation that could reduce the immune system and boost the capacity for diseases like cancers, inflammatory bowel disease, and arthritis.

Is Carrageenan A Safe Food Additive for Gluten Free Foods?

Being created for the health food (such as the gluten free) marketplace, we view the publication utilization of more and more food additives. A number of these additives have been utilized to add texture, thicken, or adjust the mouth texture of meals so that they can better mimic their gluten comprising counter parts.

Among the more commonly used thickening and gelling agents stems in a form of seaweed. This additive is called Carrageenan. The carrageenan food filler was utilized at the U.S. on a mass scale as the 1930’s. It’s extracted from seaweed working with a compound called potassium hydroxide. Carrageenan is used in various different processed foods. The following is a Brief list of a few of the more common ones:
• Shared Foods With Added Carrageenan
• Baked goods
• Baby formulas
• Yogurt
• Ice cream
• Low fat dairy products

In Case You Eat Foods with Carrageenan?
The brief answer in my humble opinion is NO. Though this additive is really on the U.S. GRAS (generally recognized as safe) list, there are a range of studies demonstrating that this seaweed infusion can cause gastrointestinal distress. Why is this problem for people on a gluten free diet? Typically going gluten free is only a start on the right path to regaining health. In my clinical experience, people who have years of supplementation triggered inflammatory damage tend to be more vulnerable to processed foods resulting in persistent health difficulties. Carrageenan established products causing gastrointestinal disorders are typical in my practice. Think about the following information:

Carrageenan is difficult to break down and digest. Adding foods such as this to an already inflamed GI tract may slow down the healing process dramatically. In my experience, this is among the most frequent problems I see in individuals that are failing to respond to a gluten free diet.

Carrageenan may be absorbed into the bloodstream — particularly those afflicted by intestinal permeability (Leaky Gut). After this occurs, the immune system may cause an attack. I typically visit patients that have allergic responses to carrageenan. Carrageenan can socialize with your gut bacteria and promote inflammation.

The FAO/WHO expert committee on food additives reasoned the next — This quotation is taken straight from the white newspaper– “according to the information available, it’s user friendly to use carrageenan or processed eucheuma seaweed in baby formulas”.

Answer This Question Honestly…
Does purchasing highly processed foods which have to be thickened using a highly processed chamomile extract bring about good health? Honestly, you’re far better off eating actual carrageenan food. The FDA has a very long record of approving additives and compounds which are known to lead to poor health.