duratrans are the type of largely backlit color photo transparency or the types of the photo films. This Duratrans was invented by Eastman Kodak Company. This was introduced in the year 1982. The name Eastman Kodak Company suggests that this is associated with the name Kodak Company. These types of the Duratrans are mainly used for the advertising purposes. The use of the film creates the 3d effect and the clearer pictures and the advertisement look attractive also.

What is the usage of the Duratrans?
One of the main usages of this Duratrans is that these are used for the advertisements zone. These are one of the main usages of the Duratrans. You will meet any shopping malls, airports, and the property dealer sites. The advertisements which are created in the digital effect are the Duratrans. These types of the Duratrans printing film is always different and the better one.
As, compared to the other types of the advertisements printing pattern. Nowadays Duratrans had become the fashion of the advertisement Zone. Printing of the advertisements in Duratrans will always give you a better and the attractive look. It helps to attract lots of the people.

The things in which you can see the Duratrans digital filming are:
Duratrans advertisements are used in the public display.
• Airports
• Casinos
• Movie theatres
• Restaurants
• Retail stores
These are the things in which you can see the Duratrans advertisements. These types of the advertisements will create an attractive look to your mind. The reason is that the advertisements are been created with the high and the attractive graphics. This will add a 3d look in the advertisement
What is the cost of the Duratrans advertisements?
The cost of the Duratrans advertisements is expensive as compared to the other form of the printing patterns of the advertisements. The things are not enough in the buying of the Duratrans. But in that, you have to also create attractive advertisements.