The word “maze” itself is the description of its name which refers to finding piece in the puzzle. Maze game is a game genre of video parlor games which was first used in 1980s by the journalists for a game where game ground was a maze or puzzle.Gotcha was the first game in this game genre which was launched in 1973.Maze games can be played in single or two-player mode. The aim of this game is to create a challenge for players to come out of the maze before opponent player in two-player mode. the maze has innovative and unique entertainment experience which has puzzled the people for the past decades. The game is a mystery performance which requires swift action for the player for anything to transcend opponent, escape monsters, or steer through maze within a time restriction.

Flash game
Scary maze game is a flash game which was developed by famous game developer Jeremy Winterrowd in 2004 and uploaded in 2005. This flash hoax camouflages itself as a simple maze game which require use of mouse cursor to trail across the puzzle. The game has three levels, but the initial screen displays four levels to create a plot for this gameplay for a player.The game requires thorough focus on the computer screen. The game starts from first two easy levels, but third level is tough to play because of narrowing of walls making hard for the players to avoid touch with them.The game has its original as well as alternate version, but the difference is mainly slightly change in color.
Scare in the game
What is scare in this game? The scare appears at the end of the game, a picture of Regan MacNeil from the movie The Exorcist and two lurid cries which make player to scare. The alternate version is popularly used in America’s Funniest Home Videos.