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All work and no play makes jack a dull boy

The importance of relaxing

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy; what does that mean? That means that working is definitely important and is the key to becoming successful in this world but focusing only on work is a sure shot way of failing and falling hard. What is also important along with a lot of hard work is a lot of ways to have fun. It is important that our brain is allowed to relax and de-stress after it has gone through a long session of labor and hard work. Work is something that will never be replaced and is the only way for individuals and society to grow, but without enough relaxation and enough activities to keep the mind fresh, the brains of our world will crumble and with it the fabric of our society.

Different people do different things to relive themselves of stress, while some like to go out with friends and family and party till the sun comes up there are still others who prefer a quiet time to themselves and perhaps even sit with a book and increase their knowledge of the world as part of their fun. Work and fun begins at a young age. Children need to be readied for the future and as such must be taught the idea of hard work early on. And if children are to be introduced to hard work early on, it also means that they must be taught the importance of relaxing and leisure early on as well.

Learning and having fun at the same time

There are various ways in which we can help our children understand the importance of hard work as well as various ways in which we can help them have fun and relax. But what if fun and work was combined? Art School Singapore helps children to not only have a lot of fun but also helps them bring out their creative selves and shine among their peers. Every child has a unique idea hidden in them and places such as MuzArt Singapore help these ideas to come out and let our children embrace the creativity in them.

Mental Health Screening For Kids

Back in 2003, a national commission created by President Bush recommended expanding and improving health screening package in universities to offer aid as early as possible to pupils with learning problems or individuals who may turn violent or disruptive.

The commission highlighted one means of early identification, the Columbia University “TeenScreen” program, which allow students — with parental consent — to get a mental health “check-up” through a computer-based questionnaire before graduating from high school.
The commission’s 86-page report contained this proposal among a lengthy list of recommendations to enhance the U.S. mental health program. The report attracted little attention beyond mental health circles.
But in the last two years, a cottage industry of fiery resistance has grown up round the proposition to expand mental health programs from the schools and is now a popular rallying cry for conservatives who view it as unwarranted government intervention in family life.
Opponents of school-based mental health plans stage to parents who say their kids are misdiagnosed with problems like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and forced to take drugs under stress from school officials.
For these parents, the commission proposal to “enhance and enlarge” college mental health programs would be your first, inexorable step toward compulsory college mental health screening for many pupils, and compulsory medication for all, despite repeated assurances by commission members, college officials and congressional experts that this will not occur.
Led by groups such as Ablechild.org and EdAction, these parents wish to prohibit schools from having anything to do with the mental health of the pupils, stating it’s the task of parents to make sure that their kids ‘ well-being.
As a first measure, the groups are pushing Congress to pass laws, sponsored by Rep. Ron Paul, R-Tex., and supported by House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, to prohibit some federal financing for health screening package of students without the written approval of their parents.


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