The world of products and marketing is always been growing and finding various ways to get closer and connected to their customers and users. They also take the proper feedback and reports from their retailers and their marketing teams. Nowadays the complete marketing is been handled on the basis of the device known as proximity marketing beacons. This device works on the basis of Bluetooth connectivity and mobile application. Through this method, it eventually gets connected to its customers and retailers.

Special features of proximity marketing beacon
There are certain special features of this device and method which makes the marketing campaign much easier and effective. These features of proximity marketing beacons have turned the marketing perspective and the old method of advertisement mode.
• The connecting procedure is completely technology-based and hence gets easier and faster. Not much people are needed to gather for the process and it gets done through the Bluetooth and mobile or tablet applications.
• The connection triggers the location services which help the retailers and marketing persons to know the location of the customer and make them aware about the deals and offers as per their location traced.
• The beacon device is so small and does not need any special man handling but just and technology expert to make it connected to the contacts and servers.
• Many other services like notifications, reviews and retailers track and customers feedbacks can also be noted very conveniently and in a fast way.

How beacon technology attracts the customers?
The beacon technology eventually attracts the customers because they are consecutively notified with all the updates about the company and brand. The fresh deals, discounts, and offers are all shared to the customer through the proximity marketing beacons devices. This makes the customer aware of all the activities going and hence invites to watch once.