This article is about termite control and the related issues. Termites are a kind of insect. It is small and pale. They live in your home, and silently start damaging. They usually feed on wooden things and turn them into a pest.

Type of termite

There are different kinds of termite. Almost 45 types of termites are found in different countries. They are different from each other in terms of

 Biology
 Behavior

The major three categories are as follows:

Subterranean Termites

 They are from Rhinotermitidae family.
 They mainly stay in the soil.
 They build a nest in large size.

Dry wood Termites

 They are from Kalotermitidae family.
 They live in floors, trees.
 It creates great damage to your homes.
 They are small in size.
 They do slower damage than above one.

Damp wood Termites

 They are from Hodotermitidae family.
 They need high moisture to live.

Now you need a good Termite treatment process. Following are some subcategories:

 Subterranean
 Subterranean – Formosan
 Subterranean -Desert
 Subterranean -Eastern
 Subterranean -Western
 Subterranean -Dark
 Subterranean -Distribution
 Dry Wood – Rough – head tropical
 Dry Wood – Smooth – head tropical
 Dry Wood – South eastern
 Dry Wood – Western
 Damp wood Florida
 Damp wood Desert
 Damp wood pacific
 Damp wood Navada

Termite Inspection – Home based method

It is advisable that throughout a year at least once you should make the inspection for termite. But if you have wooden flooring and walls you need a professional to do that job effectively and efficiently. Now you need the following instrument for the same:

 A flash light that should be bright enough
 Coveralls that are disposable
 A small knife or
 A screwdriver

Now as this a dirty job, you should use high quality coveralls and then you use the other instruments. It will make the termite inspection process easier.

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