Quantum FBI is strategic business intelligence and financial advisor’s consultant. Through our tactful profitable finance disciplines and business intelligence to generate high revenues at our consulting firm, we help our clients to build successful and powerful companies. We also believe in improved financial and operating performance as we want to give our client the best services. Services offered by Quantum which is a Business Consulting NYC are outsourced accounting and financing services, business advisory, CFO and business intelligence services which are basically driven by data analytics.

This business consulting NYC is a firm offering professional services related to finance and technology. Through data, expertise and data, it offers clients functional support and strategic business insight. We offer cloud based solutions and business intelligence which helps the companies of early stage and middle market to improve and accelerate their operating performance, leading to the rapid growth.
Our decision-making is solely based on the true and accurate data. We believe in value of experience ad the discipline. Talent, analytics and technology fulfils the core of our model. We like to get more challenges because this helps us to get more opportunities along with learning the values of intangible assets across the enterprise.
The vision of this business consulting NYC firm is become a leading firm providing the best professional services that accelerates the growth and helps in improving the operating performance of the companies of the middle market. We aim to serve our clients with a result oriented approach that gives benefits to the people, technology and process.
The CEO and the Founder of Quantum FBI, LLC, strategic finance and business consulting firm NYC is Hector V. Perez. With over 20 years of global experience form all over the world, he is an outcome focused senior finance executive who is playing the role of business leader very well.