FIFA 18 is a new installment in the game series of FIFA football video games. Electronic Arts the developer used Frostbite game engine in this game which was first to be used in these type of game. The game has been so designed that it has the touch of reality in several ways, for example, it has most of the renowned teams and the most liked player, stadiums and audiences to cheer in various ways and many more such things. The users get to experience a high-quality video game with high graphics which feels like a real football game. The FIFA 18 Mobile is created in such a way that it is compatible to run on various platforms. The FIFA 81 apk is made available to all for downloads. One can even visit the origin store to purchase the Icon edition or the standard version of the game.

The first version of this Fifer game was launched in the year 1994 and has been several versions launched since then. This FIFA 18 Android is the latest version which came out in 2017 and has the most updated technology along with the previous gameplay which is popular among players for all these years. There are uncountable fans of this Fifer 18 games many of whom have upgraded from a previous version of the FIFA video game. There are nearly 600 teams and over 30 leagues to choose from while playing this football video game. The game seems so real that the players of this game will feel like viewing a real football game between his favorite teams and watch his or her favorite player play. There are real-life commentators who do the commentary making the whole game look live. There have been several versions since its first launch still the quality of the game never got affected.