The Mother Earth has been divided into small regions that are called countries. These countries do share the common Earth surface, the natural resources and the deep blue sky over their head, but their thoughts, ideologies and mental process have been differentiated on the basis of demarcations formed over the so-called maps they do share. The maps do not only divide the common land, but also differentiate the people from common level of thinking. The people of different countries do have different concepts with which they undertake their activities, and thus their laws and regulations also differ from each other.

For instance, the gambling laws differ from country to country where their applications have been modified. The gambling laws in the United States of America are absolutely liberal where the casinos can be found in every street and Las Vegas serves as a major hub for people who really want to gamble their money. But at the same time the countries of South Asia do not allow the gambling practices to be undertaken at all, and prohibit all forms of gambles. Especially the countries having dominance of Islamic people do not allow their countrymen to gamble at all.

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