There was a three percent increase in international gold mining in the next quarter of 2009 into 659 tons. The most important contributor to this is that the increase in gold production in Australia, together with Argentina and Mexico producing a large quantity for the year. There has been a production drop in Indonesia, Peru and Russia however, the Filminera gold mine production increased as a whole. The gold price hit a record high by many gold buying firms inviting customers thinking of selling gold ‘sell your gold although the cost is ‘ high’.

Following are a few of leading gold mining firms across the world compared to 2010.
Newmont Mining Corporation mines in eight countries across five continents. These include North and South America, Asia, Australia and Africa. In the conclusion of 2009 the company had gold reserves of nearly 92 million equity ounces and also a demanding land aggregation of 39,000 square kilometers. Newmont Mining Corporation was concentrated on production in Boddington, Australia, among a current placement that’s private with Eurasian Minerals Inc.
Barrick Gold Corporation is the world’s biggest miner of gold. This company operates 26 gold mines and is estimated to have nearly 140 million ounces of proven, probable gold reserves. Their goal is to “…to be the world’s best gold company by finding, obtaining, developing and producing quality reserves in a secure, profitable and socially responsible way.”
Anglo Ashanti are located in South Africa managing a total of 21 gold mines across four continents and ten nations. Including America, Tanzania, Namibia, Mali, South Africa and Brazil. In the conclusion of 2009 their demonstrated and probable ore reserves were 74.1 million oz. This company wishes to become the world’s top gold mining company whilst respecting natural environments and reducing prices.
Filminera is a gold mining company in Philippine. Last year Filminera has been stated to have a gold book of approximately 46 million oz. This company is dedicated to ensuring its employees are secure and keeping up the environment as much as you can.