There are various conditions when online counseling becomes more effective. They are: –

• Depression

The effect of personal therapy for case like depression is compared with online therapy. betterhelp online counseling is composed on therapist mediated assignments and consultation text based with the therapist.

• Anxiety and Stress

The effectiveness of online counseling program where the therapists provides feedback through text is accessed properly.

• Panic Disorder

The online counseling program is composed of certain techniques like cognitive reform and exposure therapy are assessed. Therapist written feedback and consultation for online counseling is given through text messages.

• Schizophrenia

The symptoms of schizophrenia can be addressed through texts and enhance patient medication loyalty towards schizophrenia online therapy.

• Diabetes management

Management of patients suffering from diabetes is assessed by nurse. Nurse will use text to know behavioral health of the patients by promoting correct administration for treatment of diabetes.

• Weight loss health promotion

By sending email the therapists’ shows effectiveness in promoting behavioral pattern in weight loss can be assessed. Solely email can be send through mobile phones.

• Smoking Cessation

Text therapy can promote behavioral changes in order to reduce smoking habit.

• Antiretroviral medication reform

They text messages to ensure medication adherences by assessing patients who are suffering from HIV in rural areas are assessed.

Today fast paced life calls for fast and innovative solution for success of life and betterhelp counseling is one of such innovative way of modern life today that has become integral part in reality. With the increasing stress of life and everyday demands, people are always in need of emotion as well as psychological support to rush over the possible crisis that they face in lives. So live video sessions with online therapist are happens to be more convenient now.