In the age of digitalization, people use viral videos this week to convey their messages. It is the best way of awareness as compared to news channels and newspaper. People used to reach their messages from another people about social issues and much more. A businessman can also use it for promoting their brands. They include the best features and services of their brand.

A simple framework for making a viral video this week:
Think like a Magician:
For a creating a best viral videos you have to think like a magician. You have to choose that content which attracts people and get more audience. You have to make the video in such a way which gets more viewers in short period. You have to select the best trick of storytelling by which people understand the content of your video without any hesitation.
Use high-quality production:
You have to use high-quality production for your video. If you use high-quality production, then more and more people attract towards your video. People shared it with their friend by which the popularity of your video is increased. You don’t have to add unnecessary things in your video. There is various production house is available which provides you a facility production. But you have to choose the right one which provides you best services of production at reasonable prices.
You have to promote your videos in the best way. You have to upload your videos at every place such as social networking sites, other online sites and much more. If you do this, then your video can get a large number of viewers. The script of your video should be best just like some funny things, some seriousness, some messages and much more things.
By following this framework, you can create best viral videos this week.