The main components of either a motorized or a non-motorized RV are the mileage and rental rate fees. Mileage and rental rates vary depending on the time of the year. For example, for a standard Class-C motorhome of size 25, the rate of the rv Rental in michigan can be $130 per night for a week in the first week of July and can go to as high as $200 a night at the end of July. This means that in a given month, the rental rate of the same RV can be different and the only option you have is to plan your vacation during the peak periods in order to save more money.

Mileage fees are another factor that RV for rent Michigan services considers especially for motorized RVs. Typically, the fee is charged per mileage, and most rental companies charge at least $0.30 per mileage. This will, however, depend on the type of motorized recreational vehicle you want to rent. For example, a larger or compact Class A unit will go for at least $0.50 per mile. Some rental companies will consider fuel consumption when pricing up their RV rentals. For example, for a Class-C fuel economy RV, they charge based on miles per gallon.

Typically, most rental companies will start with 10 miles per gallon, and this means that if you travel for 500 miles and use regular unleaded gas, you will approximately consume 50 gallons. If one gallon of gas is at $1.50, this will cost you $75. This will be the cost of fuel you will have to pay for the 500 mile trip. If you travel for 500 miles a day for 7 days, then this will equate to $575 which will be the cost of hiring the RV. However, this is to assume that you hired fuel economy Class-C RV since you could also pay an rv service more money if you hired a Class A RV.

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