As the technology is getting moreadvances, every day, a new invention is done to make individuals work easy. People working on the different website mostly try to seek information about their competitors or track the rank of their competitor’s website. This work is done by an SEO tool, web analyzer this tool helps people in analyzing the website easily and quickly. It analysis thousands of web pages at one time only, it can track the rank of your website, can easily analyze the quality of your back links and much more. is a site that helps users in analyzing information about their website.

Work done by web analyzer
• Helps analyze the rank of the website- helps its users to track the rank of their website quickly. This ranking tool gives users the possibility to analyze the position to identify the best keyword easily. Help know the position of your competitors with their competitive intelligence. This is one of best web strategy that provides you detailed and clear charts the position of your website. This site can easily track of about 100 first page results, tracks every day and up to 54 competitors.

• Page analysis- this site helps its users get the complete diagnosis of your webpage which analyze various things on the webpage such as content, design, and performance which easily determines the score of your website. Knowing such things about your website, you can make more improvements in developing your site better than other competitors.
• Compares SEO popularity- easily analyze and compare your keyword with one of your competitors who help users know their position to their competitors. It even helps you analyze duplicate keyword, SEO traffic source, cost per click, and some back links.
Thus, people who make the use of helps users save their money and time and even provides full information about their website easily.