Windows are the essential part of any house as they can provide you the fresh air, light and much more. To provide them the kind of security we have huge options like window blinds, curtains, shutters and many other things to do. But if we are taking the interior of your house in the importance then window shutters is the best one as they are available in the market in various options like in wood, thin plastic, hard clothes, etc.

Types of window coverage
There is a wide variety of window coverage available in the market; they are like-
• Café style: the café type window shutter is chosen only to add a stunning look to your house as well as the green feel which includes the plantation at the bottom part of your shutter to look stunning.
• Full height shutter: the full height shutter covers your entire window along with this it can cover both the solid and louvered shutters.
• Tier on tier: this type of shutter always provides you the option to choose which part you want to stay open or which part you want to hide or cover. This option is easily available in this type of tier on tier shutters.
• Shapes: window shutters are also available in multiple shapes like French door cuts, rectangle, circle, and many more shapes.

• Accordion shapes: Many shutters are available in the single panels and some of them are available in double-sided panels. Some of them are also No fold, bi-fold panels which are popular in the market. Even some of them are tri-folds. Shutters are also made up of wood, PVC, laminate material and many more.
These are the window shutters which are available on the market while some of them are use curtains, blinds, like things for the proper coverage of their windows.