It is common for most organizations and individuals to use urine as the specimen for conducting 12 panel drug tests. Although urine drug testing is highly recommended and is considered a standard for drug testing, hair drug testing is also another alternative option. In fact, hair drug testing is considered to be just as effective as any other form of drug testing. But unlike urine drug testing whereby drug use is only detected within the past 72 hours, hair drug testing tracks patterns of continual use of drugs up to 3 months. Therefore, hair drug testing has the capacity of effectively evaluating long-term practices of drug and substance abuse.

This evaluation can play a central role in helping organizations or individuals to identity drug abuse issues and treat them on time. In addition, it can go a long way in safeguarding workplaces. Hair drug testing for 12 drugs is also effective in providing more positives because of its capacity to detect long-term drug use. This is unlike urine drug testing which provides less positives because it does not have longer detection periods. Perhaps the biggest advantage of hair drug testing is that it is almost impossible for any test subject to evade or cheat a hair drug test.

This is regardless of whether a test subject is using special shampoos on their hair or rinses the hair every day. As far as hair drug tests are concerned, these offer more accuracy than the other types of drug testing. Furthermore, a 12 panel drug test with hair as the specimen does not need invasion of privacy, which blood or urine tests would incur. When performing hair drug tests, certified medical officers cut 100 hair strands from the crowns of a test subject’s head. This is actually done very close to their scalp to ensure that hair strands above the test subject’s scalp are effectively tested. click here to get more information