Composite womens hockey sticks are typically made out of graphite or carbon fiber. These materials are extremely light, but can also be extremely costly. The benefit to some composite stick is that the high velocity at which you’ll be able to have a shot. The more rates one can take the puck with, the quicker it will go, and the more likely you will evaluate. Nonetheless, these mix sticks may be tens of thousands of dollars and as they are produced out of 1 piece, a broken or worn out blade would ask that you replace your complete stick.

Another drawback to some combo stick is that many aren’t match for inline hockey. While most composite blades are excellent on the ice, they have a tendency to wear down quite quickly on inline hockey surfaces. The moment the graphite shell of this blade wears down, a foam center is exposed that will crack down in a matter of hours. I’ve gone through a number of composite blades in one period of playing inline hockey on a cement coating.

Another choice available are wooden sticks. Wooden sticks are often as cheap as twenty bucks, but they’re also quite heavy and are easier to break. I’ve broken up to 2 womens hockey sticks at one period! The financial cost is obviously high regardless of if you select a wooden or composite stick.

Fear not, I have found a solution for the hockey stick woes. I purchase a good quality mix stick and replace the blade! How is this possible? It’s far simpler than you might think. Step one would be to watched the blade off of your composite stick. Then, tape up the sawed off ending as though it had been your handle. Then join your replacement blade (which ever kind you prefer) into the older handle end of your stick. Most decal sticks have a complete cap which will be readily removed. Simply fit your new blade with a couple dabs of adhesive and heat it up till it sets. Allow your stick to dry for a couple of hours and you’ve got a brand new (and more) hockey stick!